Birthing Sam's Virtual Temple 11/11/2020

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

I met Sam through and thanks to a powerful and gorgeous woman Camilla, from Rural Escapes in Monchique, Portugal. We stayed there for 6 weeks in the summer during Lockdown.

On our initial call I could feel Sam brimming with pure magic and light, integrity and love, she was utilising the crazy lockdown to reflect on how she's serving the world and wanted to share her gifts in a different way…

Sam has been a celebrant for many years and wanted to infuse her love, wisdom and experience of sacred ritual and ceremony into retreats and courses that could inspire and empower others to live life in the sacred.

It was an immediate YES, our values aligned and our journey began.

She owned her fears, patterns and delivered the goods she'd been nesting… and in just 3 months Magic was co-created. I absolutely loved our journey, connecting, supporting and weaving her essence, vision and offerings into a beautiful tapestry into a visually and viscerally pleasing Temple called Ilovesacred. Sam

We birthed at 11:11am on 11/11/2020. When she gasped and welled up in the revealing of her Virtual Temple, releasing "it's so beautiful" I received something money can't buy. I was deeply touched and felt so alive and to watch her flourish and nourish the lives of others is priceless…

I am so grateful to be in co-creative service this way and was lovingly reminded of our magical journey when I received Sam's testimonial...

Jodee’s website design and service far exceeded my expectations.

I wanted to create a new website to represent my new business. From the outset she completely understood my vision.

She took my brief and sprinkled it in her own magic and returned the most stunning and beautiful visual and creative ideas.

She also made suggestions for word changes and offered ideas regarding content which were completely in sync with what I was trying to achieve and took my content to the next level.

She was also emotionally supportive and guided me through the whole process of ‘birthing a website’.

She trained me so that I could take the reins and manage the site myself at the end. (Not my comfort zone but she made it really easy)

She came up with so many ideas and added so many little design features that it was like finding little treasures all along the way. It was wonderful. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Thank you so, so much Jodee for all you’ve done. I would use your skills again and again.

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