D'amara Village ~ Natural Birthing Sanctuary & Earth School

Creating Heaven on Earth in Portugal

"Our children are our future"

For as long as I can remember I dreamed of becoming a mother. In 2018, after a few years of conscious celibacy and healing the layers of ancestral traumas in my womb, I became pregnant and yet my whole world spiralled into deep depression. I feared I'd be a failure and amidst the radical explosion of hormones surging through my body, the shock in realising I wasn't and hadn't prepared a supportive, nourishing environment to truly carry or bring a child into the world, a world I felt joyful about, nearly destroyed me as I chose to surrender my dream of becoming a mother and naturally miscarried in honour of preparing and creating a sanctuary for pregnancy, birth and beyond… In the depths of my grief Damara Village was born. Hearing other women's birth and loss stories I knew I wasn't to create it just for me… That it was destined to birth a healthy, empowered community.

"We are the Ancestors, elders of future generations, how do we want to be remembered?"

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